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Hanka Čechová

Hanka Čechová
Mindfulness Teacher, Parenting Trainer and Coach

Hanka has been working with parents and teachers for twelve years as a facilitator of workshops on respectful approaches to parenting and teaching children and also as a parent coach. In recent years she has been focusing on the development of emotional resilience in both kids and parents through mindfulness training.

The birth of her daughter prompted her to seek out sources of respectful communication and she underwent intensive two-year preparation to receive certification as a trainer in respectful communication from Respektovat a být respektován/Respect is a Two-Way Street (Kopřiva, Nováčková). 

In 2017 and 2018, respectively, she qualified as a PET trainer (Thomas Gordon’s Parent Effectiveness Training) and a TET trainer (Teacher Effectiveness Training by the same author).

She is a qualified mindfulness teacher (MBSR) with Mindful Academy (Spain) and runs mindfulness-based workshops and courses both for groups and individuals.

Her degree in English from Charles University has allowed her to work as an interpreter primarily in the field of education, and in addition, she has eight years experience working with pre-schoolers in music and English. She has completed a course in Psychology of Infancy and Childhood at New York University in Prague, a training course in Nonviolent Communication in Wales and a two-year course in Creative Pedagogy at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague

Her life-long passion is music and in her free time she sings jazz and swing in a band and learns how to scat.

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