Boosting Resilience Together with Kids Workshop for parents and teachers

Course length
3 h
10 - 20

What is it about?

Three hours full of practical tips on how to build our emotional skills in order to  respond to life challenges in a balanced and healthy manner. The workshop is based on the "growing and thriving together" philosophy.

The activities and exercises offered develop our awareness (mindfulness) as a basis for our emotional freedom to handle what life brings about.

Mindfulness, which is defined as the capacity to maintain awareness of our present moment experience without judgement, has been the subject of intensive research for more than 40 years. The scientific evidence confirms its far-reaching benefits for our mental and physical health.

Boosting Resilience Together with Kids

What will we learn?

In addition to some theoretical background about mindfulness-based integration approach to our well-being you will get a toolkit of practices that you do either on your own or together with kids and the whole family.

  • breathing exercises
  • "feel good" activities
  • kindness developing practices
  • fun activities enlarging knowledge about our brain
  • and much more ....

How will you benefit?

After the workshop you will be able to

  • enjoy meaningful exercises and activities with kids and other family members
  • witness how they positively affect your inner strength and balance in the face of challenges and life turbulences
  • see your kids gain their own inner strength and balance in approaching demanding situations
  • enjoy the development of deep connection between you and your kids